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Texas Insurance Coverages

Western Mutual Insurance Group has recently expanded coverage in Texas, becoming a preferred homeowners’ insurance provider in the Lone Star State. 10 years ago we began providing Texas with the competitive pricing and quality of service we’ve become known for throughout California. Already we service customers from across the vast state of Texas including San Antonio, Austin, Round Rock, and many others.

Allow us to put your mind at ease about your property coverage whether it’s your current residence you’re looking to purchase Homeowners’ Insurance for or a vacation home you need covered with our Seasonal Insurance policies. We provide the competitive service that national insurers offer at a fraction of the cost.

Discover more about the products and services we offer Texas below or give one of our friendly agents a call at 1-877-968-8825 to find out how you could be saving money and time with your Texas property insurance.



We’ve been a provider of quality Homeowners Insurance in the state of Texas for over 10 years. Find out here the type of policy we can provide your residential property.



Have a vacation home or planning on purchasing one in the state of Texas? Look no further than Western Mutual to help put your mind at ease even as you’re away from your seasonal property.


We continued to build a better Homeowners’ Insurance group by extending our coverage to Arizona. Find out how much you can save by either choosing or switching to our Arizona Homeowners’ Insurance.


We began building a better Homeowners’ Insurance group in California and, through the satisfaction of our customers, were able to extend that same time honored care to other states. Here, you will find out how we cultivated our reputation as being one of the most affordable and secure Homeowners’ Insurance providers in California.


We have countless customers throughout Nevada. Find out here why so many of them choose to have their Homeowners’ Insurance under the Western Mutual Insurance Group.

New Mexico

We provide New Mexico the coverage we’ve become known for throughout the western United States. Find out here what products we offer those living in this great state.


Texas is the latest state to be added to the Western Mutual Insurance Group family. Find out more here about how you can save on your Homeowners’ Insurance without sacrificing the quality of service you and your property deserve.


Find out here why we’ve become known as one of the most reputable insurance providers in Utah for over 10 years. Discover the products and services we currently offer in the state and how we can save you money on your Utah property insurance.